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Sally Shelton


Sally works with people who need relationship advice or other love problems. She is passionate and friendly with long experience in the field of spirituality.


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Sara Goodchild


Sara work as a life coach but is also an expert in anything to do with spirituality. If you feel like your stuck in life or standing at a crossroad and dont know what to do next, the you should contact Sara.



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If all of the retrograde over the past few months are making you feel bogged, u should not get disturbed about this because there are a lot of peoples who are thinking as the same way as you are thinking. Life will definitely feel like moving in the same lane if mercury is in the retrograde. Things will become slow even more as Neptune is expected to do the same thing. In the summers, usually, peoples will let go of the things and will decide to relax. But if you want to take your career to next level by utilizing the extra time and extra energy in the summers, astrology is probably the best way. So here we will talk about some ways to elevate your career in the summer vacations while the other peoples are focusing on relaxing and spending their time with the laziness.

Tarot card
Tarot card reading can be most affecting during the time of summer vacations as in the summer vacations peoples are much more relaxed than other times in the year. Peoples tend to be more open to new ideas and a new path in order to change their life when they are relaxed. So you should definitely have an appointment with a psychic who is able to perform tarot card reading for you. If you are on a trip to a new place just manage a few hours from your trip and search the web for a local psychic and do visit there.

You can easily do an advertisement for yourself in the free time of summer vacations with the help of your visiting card or business card. You can leave your business card at the table of the restaurant after eating your meal by giving a tip to the waiter. At the time of checking out from a hotel, you should leave by leaving your business card at THE RECEPTION OR TO THE Manager. Every time you meet a person in the park or on the plane, you should talk nicely to him and at the end of the conversation, you should simply hand your business card to that person. The universe is very big and you will be surprised by the opportunity developed just because of a small conversation.

Feng Shui
One of the most wonderful and practiced ways to begin working in order to attract abundance is Feng Shui. In the modern world, there is a huge number of people who have a great belief in Feng Shui and redone their homes and buildings according to the principles of Feng Shui. Feng Shui helps you by redirecting the positive energy toward you. The most beautiful thing about Feng Shui is that you once have to fix it and then forget about it. The positive energy brought by Feng Shui results in many different ways to make you successful.

Traveling under mercury retrograde
You should use caution, while traveling under the mercury retrograde before the date of July 1. The Mercury retrograde time interval during the summers usually last till the date of July 1. So this time has to be managed wisely. It is advised to not start any new project or work especially if you are a fresher during this time. This time interval brings confusion and delays to your work. That’s why try to double check all the hotel check-ins, reservations, account information etc.

Traveling affected by full moon or new moon
A new moon is known to be the symbol of new beginnings and then closing of the old chapters. The full moon is the just opposite; first, you will close all the old chapters and then will have the new beginnings. So it is good to take some cautions while traveling under a new moon or a full moon. You can start new things in the two-week phases every month during the new moon phases. In the case of a full moon, you should plan the things to elevate your projects or the beginnings, in the morning as it is the most appropriate and good time at the time of a full moon. Full moon and new moon can have a huge effect on elevating your career.

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The most successful and reliable method to find A Psychic is through a relative, friend or family member.Chances are if they had a good success you will also have.
Locating a psychic is a task. First of all, after checking with the friends and family member that is, refer to yellow pages or online search portal. You have to be sure what kind of psychic you want. Are you looking for a clairaudient, clairvoyant, tarot card specialist, astrologer, or someone who works with psychometry?

Locate a psychic around your area and check with their references first before zeroing down on one. Ask or psychic’s accuracy from the reference. Interview the psychic. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with the physic or any of their antics.
Once a reading is done check or its accuracy yourself and check how it has transpired few weeks or months down the line.

A few pointers towards a bad psychic:
Inaccuracy of facts provided is the biggest pointer towards a bad psychic
Asking for money even before you had a chance to interview them or check the references.
If you feel any negative emotion being around them such as fear or intimidation
Too many unreal or madeup antics or theatrics
Tall, uncomfortable promises
Good luck with your psychic search and do refer a good psychic to others as it’s a gem and you may have to go through a few to find a real one.

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Spiritual reading is a custom of reading printed manuscripts and references about the attributes of a particular state of being spiritual with the intention of developing in sanctity, piety, and sacredness. Spiritual reading is dedicated to the interpretation of the lives of saints, inscriptions of Doctors and the High-Rank Officials of the Church, religious efforts composed by righteous people, and dogmatic compositions of Church officials. It is distinct from Lectio Divina which centers on the Bible.

A psychic reading is a particular effort to make out knowledge with prophecy and the subsequent declarations made throughout such an effort. The word is linked with paranormal-ground conference given for payment in such locations as through online, telephone, in-home or at some psychic carnivals.

Tarot Deck.

So you’ve decided to purchase some Tarot Cards! Excellent! Choosing a Tarot Deck can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of decks out there to choose from! The following are my suggestions for selecting the perfect deck for you…

Opinion when selecting Tarot deck

In my opinion, every beginning Tarot reader should be familiar with the Ryder-Waite deck. Most books use this deck when teaching beginners. Familiarity with all of the cards in this deck will help you to choose other decks as you become more experienced. I used this deck for a whole year before even considering other decks. I also feel it is important to not only read the “Little White Book” that comes with the deck but to read a few books for beginners by different authors. Often, authors offer slightly different interpretations of each card. What matters most though is YOUR interpretation. Do you agree with Author A’s interpretation or maybe Author B’s interpretation makes more sense? Maybe you don’t agree with anyone! I think that’s pretty awesome too!

When it comes time to branch out a bit and select another deck, make sure the images are meaningful to you. I can’t stress this enough! I didn’t even understand how useful a deck could be until recently. Here’s a quick story… I am an extreme animal lover and was devastated when I had to put my cat to sleep. While she was sick, I discovered the “Tarot of Pagan Cats” by Magdelina Messina with artwork by Lola Airaghi. Because of what was happening in my life, this deck was oh so perfect. The images of cats engaged in various activities with different emotions being portrayed on their faces and even with their body postures and positions made this deck so easy for me to use, and scarily accurate. Some of the cards in this deck give me physical sensations in my stomach depending on the mood of the card! If you react physically and emotionally to a deck, buy it!

Feel the cards!

No, not with your sixth sense silly, with your HANDS! Can you shuffle them? Do they stick to each other too much? Are they “cheap,” meaning that they may suffer wear and tear after only a few uses? Do they feel nice?

Think about your interests and hobbies. Are you an animal lover? Maybe you only like dogs? What type of music do you listen to? Are you a nudist? Hey, I’m telling ya… there are decks out there for everyone! Maybe you have Irish roots and would enjoy a Celtic themed deck, or maybe you would like an Asian themed deck. Do you enjoy plants and flowers… then there’s a deck for you as well.


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A time comes in everyone’s life when he/she sees only darkness in front of him/her because of the situation. Unfortunately, during such circumstance, many stay alone and fight their own battle. Maybe, you have already come across with such a situation where you stood alone and fought the best you could to face the turmoil in your life. This can be fighting any disease, ant personal problem, career issues, disturbances that are making your life a hell and so on.

But, do you know that during such tough times when none stands by you, a psychic or a fortune teller can be your best support? Here, we are offering you 5 useful steps to locate the best online psychics, tarot reader or a fortune teller.

Go online and use search engines—

Question may strike you that why should you find a psychic or a fortune teller online? The answer will be simple yet dramatic- “why not?” when the world has moved ahead drastically with the internet technology, then why can’t you find and communicate with the psychic online? Rather finding these gifted professional here and there, you can quickly land on the search engines like Google to find out the best psychic online. By the same process, you can also find the most talented gypsy fortune teller or a tarot reader.

Use the Apps—

Most of the clairvoyants who have helped people for quite some time by reading their fortunes and by offering them solutions to overcome the situation, have made their virtual visibility by appearing online. Today, with the boon on the internet technology and computing advancement, you can get connected with the supremely talented and gifted psychics through their websites and from the directory apps you have in your smartphone.

Call them anytime—

There are many tarot readers, fortune tellers and psychics that are ready to offer 24/7 services. Thus, if you are lucky to have such a service provider, use their services and call them up anytime when you feel like getting their suggestions. For serious calls, the talented professionals are always ready to help. Thus make sure that the psychic that you are communicating with is ready to offer the any-time phone sessions.

Value Recommendations—

When you are searching reputed psychics for the first time, it can be time-consuming and confusing for you as well. But if you have some references to contact the psychics, it can be easier for you to locate them.

Thus, talk to you friends or reliable sources to find a really talented fortune teller or a psychic that is in business for quite some time and people visiting him or her are genuinely helped with the guidance and suggestions. So, if you want to reach the disposal of a genuine and powerful psychic opting for references can lead you to the right direction. Stay away from the fakes!

Get idea from the social media sites—

The psychics that have already appeared online must also maintain their social media profiles. You can follow the ones with the most numbers of followers. Keep a track on their social media profiles for a while and if you are convinced, contact with them for a face to face or virtual consultation. Keep your questions handy so that you can ask for the solutions quickly to the psychic.

Use these suitable steps to locate the best psychic, tarot reader or fortune teller online.


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